If you are considering a business grade telephony solution for your business, then Hosted VoIP is right for you. Hosted Business VoIP offers the key benefits of economies of scale, cost efficiencies and centralisation (even for small businesses) plus it also delivers the feature-rich capability and flexibility of an IP-PBX. Here are some of the key benefits.

Our philosophy is only to deploy technologies with proven extensibility, agility and effectiveness for our clients.

Asterisk, the world's leading open source telephony platform with 17% share of the global PBX market, is the perfect example of this. Asterisk-based systems offer incredible value for money due to reduced licensing, development and marketing costs of the Asterisk open source software, as well as its ability to effectively enable Voice Over IP.

With Initiative Solutions hosted communication services, we'll route your communications over a high speed broadband connection to our hosted network. The main difference to traditional telephony is that instead of paying high upfront costs, we can offer the same solutions with minimal hardware and a low monthly fee. So, you do not need to worry about the space and hassle of hardware in your offices.

Virtual PBX

  • 30 x SIP Channels
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Unlimited Call groups
  • Unlimited Queues
  • IVR (Virtual Receptionist)

We take care of your system in our secure, co-located, resilient platform; and when you need to make changes you can simply access your system through a web interface. In addition to our primary data centre in Northampton we also have a full specification secondary data centre in a separate location/building. Both datacentres are ISO 27001 certified. These servers can act as a platform for delivering your applications by hosting them so you can access interfaces via the Web. Many diverse applications can be operated on these servers, which support either traditionally or Voice Over IP (VoIP) communications. Here is an example of some of the applications we can host:

Internet Telephones (SIP), Voice Mail, Voice Recording, Full PBX Functions with graphical administration (FOP), Music On Hold, Call Conferencing, Interactive Voice Response (Auto attendant), Day/Night Service / Time Condition Rules

SIP Trunks (or VoIP trunks) enable enterprises to utilise a single internet connection for making and receiving multiple concurrent telephone calls. SIP trunking provides your organisation with added flexibility, improves business continuity and offers substantial cost savings over traditional telephony services. By utilising SIP trunks within a converged voice and data network, you can dynamically allocate bandwidth to other needs such as email and web traffic as and when you need it.

Inbound Number: Initiative has partnered with two major telecommunication providers, so we can provide anything from a single geographic number; to a whole range of consecutive numbers. We also have the ability to provide the new 0330 number alongside the traditional 0845 and 0870 numbers. If you have any existing geographic numbers with BT or Virgin Media these can also be ported into your Hosted PBX.